Welcome to Our Language Service

We are pleased that you have found your way to our home page. We provide you with high quality, on time translations, by the date you select.

Our Translation Service
We translate almost anything, a wide variety of subjects into various languages. We provide you with translations on the subjects of law, technology, business, marketing, IT, medicine and many others. We are proud to be able to access a large pool of native speakers that not only have perfect knowledge of their mother tongue and source language, but also have excellent expertise in the respective fields. Many of them have a completed university degree in the relevant field. Our customers are various corporations and companies that operate internationally, as well as governments, universities and private individuals.

Quick and Inexpensive
Good translations do not need to be expensive. Convince yourself of our price-performance ratio. A reliable project manager, who forwards your order to the appropriate translator, acts as an intermediary between you, the client and the worldwide translators. They look after you from quote to invoice. Our translators, who are active worldwide and only translate into their native language, provide for a fast implementation of your projects.

Foreign Language Classes On-site
We not only offer translations, as we also come to your company and give your employees professional language lessons. We focus on the following priorities:
•    Technical Englisch
•    Business Englisch
•    English as an everyday language
•    German as a foreign language
•    German for Arabs or Arabic for Germans
•    Turkish for beginners

In addition, we also offer courses in the major European languages, French, Italian and Spanish. We offer our courses for the business and private sector to be taught in all levels of learning. Our teachers are native speakers who have excellent qualifications. For your convenience you can schedule private lessons and our teachers come at the time that suits you, to your business or your home. The teacher can identify precisely what is individually required and specifically addresses the needs of the members of the class. Choose between private or group lessons.

Try our service. We are happy to provide you with our service. Give us a call or send us an e-mail.